Economy Service Window Cleaning includes:

Cleaning your window inside and out for the low price of just $4.50/window (most cases)

  Polish up your home or business with either of these


     Full Service Window Cleaning includes: 

    Hand-cleaned windows with professional window soap and water using a wash pad.
    Then we squeegee to draw off the water and detail the edges of each pane with a


    We leave everything dry and streak-free!
    Clean windowsills, removing all grime such as dirt, cobwebs, dead bugs and we also

    provide screen cleaning.
    We specialize in removing paint from glass without scratches. This is a specialty

    service which needs to be requested ahead of time.

    We use specially designed blades to carefully chip away any foreign substance on your


Know what you are getting into BEFORE we come!

(This may not be as expensive as you may have thought!)

...Our friendly office staff with carefully guide you through a series of questions to help us give you a quote right over the phone!

No window to big or too small

Choose our Full or Economy Service to suit you needs and budget

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